Burke Bioventures was founded to facilitate the advancement of new science and technology for better medicines in the emerging new era of biopharmaceutical R&D. Our mission is to identify and bring to fruition the next wave of biopharmaceutical innovation.

Who We Work With

Clients include life sciences companies, entrepreneurs, investors, and foundations. While we serve clients in the US, Europe and Asia, most of our clients are based in the northeastern US or the west coast of the US. Corporate clients include biotechnology, pharmaceutical, and drug delivery companies, ranging from top Fortune 500 companies to companies with a few employees. (Note that we do not assist with initial raising of seed money, or work for equity without cash compensation.) Our client base further includes private foundations and academic institutions.

Case Studies

Providing interim management for an angel-funded startup  MORE

Advising a major biopharmaceutical company on a funded partnership  MORE

Overseeing an outsourced technology project  MORE