Burke Bioventures provides strategic advice and scientific direction for biotechnology, pharmaceutical, and drug delivery companies, and interim R&D management of venture-backed start-ups. In addition we provide technical due diligence in support of venture investment, licensing, and M&A.

Advisory Services

We advise a broad range of companies in matters pertaining to biopharmaceutical R&D, especially for programs involving nanotechnology, targeting, and RNA, and related technologies at program stages from discovery to early clinical development. Advisory services include consultations on the following:

Platform differentiation
While a technology may be based on new science, potential partners will benchmark it against other technologies which may give rise to product candidates with the same or similar attributes. In many cases the peer space includes technologies based on different scientific disciplines. If you are a technology provider, how well do you know your competition? How does your technology measure up? An independent advisor can help position an opportunity for success by anticipating questions likely to be asked by a potential partner, and strengthening a technology’s value proposition.

IP strategy
Intellectual property strategy starts with top-notch legal counsel—but it doesn’t stop there. A successful strategy requires close integration of the science, but this can be challenging, especially for small companies with nascent technical teams. We can serve as a liaison to your IP counsel to help craft a strategy with a strong technical foundation that maps to your corporate goals and fully leverages your scientific potential.

Program review
Whether you are pitching your technology to a prospective investor, convincing your board, or maintaining alignment of interests with a corporate partner we can help position your program for an optimal outcome. A credible appreciation of the risks can help build alignment among the executive team, the technical team, and investors—a key ingredient to positioning your venture for success in the long-run.

Case Studies

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