Burke Bioventures provides strategic advice and scientific direction for biotechnology, pharmaceutical, and drug delivery companies, and interim R&D management of venture-backed start-ups. In addition we provide technical due diligence in support of venture investment, licensing, and M&A.

Providing interim management for an angel-funded startup

Working closely with the CSO, a full-time professor of one of the world’s leading universities, we advised on a wide range of operational matters. Services included drafting a business plan; engaging and working closely with IP and corporate attorneys; and assisting with staff performance management for five full-time lab-based staff. Through a mixture of on-site and virtual services totaling 2-4 days/month over an 18 month period, the client reached a level of maturity where a CEO could be hired on a full-time basis.

Advising a major biopharmaceutical company on a funded partnership

A Fortune 500 company formed a $180M partnership with a clinical-stage cancer nanomedicine company, and needed guidance in the execution of the partnership. We reviewed project plans; providing input on the preclinical program and on milestones; reviewed all meeting minutes and presentation materials for the joint project steering committee; and provided input to supporting discovery and preclinical development functions, particularly on matters relating to immunotoxicity and specialized analytical methods required for support of the program.

Overseeing an outsourced technology project

A private foundation funded a major project for application of a small biotech company’s advanced drug delivery technology to a global health problem. We met personally with the biotech company management and reviewed their technical capabilities and facilities; reviewed the program plans and advised the foundation on appropriate success metrics; and participated in regular project reviews, providing critical feedback to the sponsor. When the company fell short of its technical goals we helped them secure a program extension based on their rapid rate of progress and a focused revised project plan.

Review data package for a late preclinical-stage asset

A small biotech company, following several years of development and two major funding rounds, produced a data package supporting a late preclinical-stage asset. We advised the client on the readiness for IND-enabling studies, options for addressing some unusual safety findings, and relative prioritization of lead and back-up programs. We provided additional guidance on readiness to engage in discussions with potential corporate partners, and introduced the client to a business development consultant to potentially represent them in initial discussions.