Burke Bioventures provides strategic advice and scientific direction for biotechnology, pharmaceutical, and drug delivery companies, and interim R&D management of venture-backed start-ups. In addition we provide technical due diligence in support of venture investment, licensing, and M&A.

Interim Management

We offer a broad perspective on technology development to maximize the probability of success of your new technology programs.

When it comes to advancing new science for the benefit of patients, innovative ideas are just the beginning. Skilled execution is what turns ideas into innovative medicines. The implementation of new technologies presents unique operational challenges, the navigation of which is key to a successful outcome. While efficient execution benefits from directly relevant domain expertise, often there isn’t anyone out there with domain expertise in a new technology space. New technology ventures cannot afford to repeat mistakes made previously by others. The successful translation of new technologies involves certain themes and best practices which can help avoid this. A broad perspective on technology development can provide valuable lessons for maximizing the probability of success of next generation innovation.

The following represent examples of areas where Burke Bioventures can supplement your existing executive team or serve in an interim executive capacity.

Overseeing projects and partnerships with technology providers.

Building and managing high performance teams.
We can assist clients in structuring an organization, identifying key talent, or ensuring that the team on the ground is the right one.

Decision making.
Timely, quality decision making is one of the factors critical to success of a new technology initiative. Invariably decisions must be made with incomplete information, and an independent voice can help in grappling with this reality while avoiding a situation of protracted deliberation which can create a false impression of risk mitigation.

Case Studies

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