Paul Burke Joins Distinguished Faculty in AACR Symposium on Nanotechnology in Cancer
San Diego, California, USA, April 8, 2014

Burke Bioventures’ Principal, Paul Burke, today presented a lecture entitled “Nanotechnology: A commercialization/pharma point of view,” at the Annual Meeting of the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR). The lecture was part of a Symposium on Nanotechnology in Cancer, organized by Prof. Mark Davis of Caltech, who provided the Symposium’s opening lecture. The Symposium included lectures from Profs. Anil Sood, MD Anderson, and James Heath, also of Caltech. AACR is the oldest and largest scientific organization in the world focused on high-quality, innovative cancer research. Its reputation for scientific breadth and excellence attract the premier researchers in the field. The AACR annual meeting draws more than 18,000 international participants from the cancer research community. The Nanotechnology session was the subject of a cover story in BioWorld, a biopharmaceutical industry daily, as well as online new magazine, The Scientist.