Drug Carriers in Medicine and Biology Gordon Conference features co-chair Paul Burke
Waterville Valley, New Hampshire, USA, August 17, 2014

site_news_imageToday marked the opening session of the 2014 Gordon Research Conference on Drug Carriers in Medicine and Biology. This year’s conference is co-chaired by Heather Maynard, Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry at UCLA, and Paul Burke of Burke Bioventures.

The conference program will include sessions focused on mechanisms of carrier distribution, cellular uptake and trafficking, and new approaches to addressing these hurdles. Session themes will focus on novel targeted systems for a variety of cargo including proteins, RNA, cells, anti-cancer agents, vaccines, imaging and diagnostic agents; new approaches to chemical modification, engineering, and conjugation for improved delivery; and targeting, uptake, transport, fate, and efficacy of the drug delivery systems.

The Drug Carriers GRC, which is held biannually, has a long and distinguished history as one of the premier conferences on drug delivery and nanomedicine. The inaugural conference, chaired by liposome pioneer Gregory Gregoriadis, was held in Plymouth, New Hampshire in 1978.